[Album] Koike Teppei – pieces (Limited Edition)

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Artist: Koike Teppei / 小池徹平
Album: pieces (Limited Edition) *debut album*
Released date: 27th June, 2007
Oricon Weekly Chart Position: n/a

Track List:
01. Sonna Anata ni / そんなあなたに
02. my brand new way
03. Omoide no Kakera / 思い出の欠片
04. Ehagaki / 絵葉書
05. Kimi ni Okuru Uta / 君に贈る歌
06. sweet summer
07. Dokoka no Sora / 何処かの空
08. pieces
09. “is”
10. Aka Renga / 赤レンガ
11. dawn
12. Ame mo Kaze mo / 雨も風も

Teppei TV

NOTE: Since I cannot upload more than 100MB on MediaFire, I split the album into 2 parts

>> DOWNLOAD PART#1 (320 Kbps)
>> DOWNLOAD PART#2 (320 Kbps)


Regards to Izumi Sakai (ZARD’s vocalist)

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(This is a copy of the same thing I wrote on my other blog)

Izumi Sakai (a.k.a. Kamachi Sachiko), ZARD’s vocalist, aged 40, was hospitalized since June 2006 after discovering she had cervical cancer. In April 2007, the cancer had moved to her lungs. Even so, she was fighting against it. It was on May 26, 2007, that she accidentally fell from the stairs that hit her head hard. The next day she died from the accident.

Izumi was talented. She composed her own music. I’m out of words to describe it, the only thing I know is, her music stuck on my mind. Her voice was so beautiful that it touches people deep inside. She is a legend. I wanted to show my regards to Izumi Sakai and wanted her to live forever in people’s heart.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of her. At first, I knew her under the name, ZARD. The first song I heard from Izumi was Unmei no Ruuretto Mawashite, a theme song for the popular anime/manga series titled Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan). Despite the fact that I love this song so much, I did not check her other works. I wish I did.

Her death is a great lost to the music world.
RIP, Izumi Sakai.

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