[PV+Mp3 Rip] UVERworld – Shaka Beach ~Laka Laka La~

July 23, 2007 at 3:14 pm | Posted in PV, Rip, UVERworld | 2 Comments

Ready to join the Laka Laka La-ing~?? Here we go! XD

UVERworld is back once again with another summer PV -latino style- for the new single, Shaka Beach ~Laka Laka La~, to be released on 08/08/07

[screenshots preview coming soon *when I stop being lazy lol*]

Not your typical addictive catchy, rapping song. Is a must listen X)

UVERworld – Shaka Beach ~Laka Laka La~ (MPEG2)

UVERworld – Shaka Beach ~Laka Laka La~ (Mp3 Rip)




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  1. Laka laka la, Laka laka la!


    Totemo sugoi desu! *.* UVERlove 100%
    Kissu =*

  2. hehe my fav part laka – laka – la laka laka la!
    uVerworld is still my favorite J music band…
    But this song is top 5 uverworld song, behind Just melody!

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