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Have anyone heard of SOPHIA? I was introduced to this artist a few days ago by M.Takarai07 from Aznmedia forum. But before we get on to more details, I wanted to confess that judging from the name at first, I thought SOPHIA was a female. The truth was, they were a Jrock band!

So I figured out I should do a bit more research on the band. Thanks to Wikipedia for being very helpful in providing the necessary information.

As you may have already figure out, SOPHIA is a Japanese Rock band. The members consisted of Matsuoka Mitsuru (Vocal), Toyoda Kazutaka (Guitar), Kuroyanagi Yoshio (Bass), Akamatsu Yoshitomo (Drums) and Miyako Keiichi (Keyboard). The band was formed in 1995 and has signed it’s first record label with TOY’S FACTORY until in 2004, when they change the label to Toshiba EMI.

SOPHIA was a pretty good band in my opinion. Their style is what I would considered to be pop mixed with rock music, it’s very catchy in a way. So far I have listened to STRAWBERRY & LION, Newspaper and rock star. I would recommend all of these songs to whoever wants to check this artist out!

Their style of music is probably similar to AAA. But do correct me if I’m wrong since I have heard only one song by AAA called Q.

If you are a fan of jpop mixed with jrock genre, give SOPHIA a chance! Hopefully you will like them : )


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