[ Single ] WaT – Bokura no LOVE STORY

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WaT - Bokura no LOVE STORY

Artist: WaT
Single: Bokura no LOVE STORY
Released date: 6th December, 2006
Oricon Weekly Chart Position: #4

Track List:
01 Bokura no LOVE STORY
02 jitensha
03 Bokura no LOVE STORY (instrumental)
04 jitensha (instrumental)



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Now it’s time to introduce WaT!! XD

WaT, stands for Wentz and Teppei, is a japanese duo group composed of Wentz Eiji (on the left) and Koike Teppei (on the right). They composed their own music and write their own lyrics. In 2002, Wentz and Teppei began their music career by doing street live and it was 2 years later that an indie single titled Sotsugyou TIME was released.

It was not until 2005 that WaT debut under Universal Music label with their first major single, Boku no Kimochi. WaT’s best selling single up to date that also ranked #56 in Oricon yearly chart. At the end of the year they were invited to performed in 56th Kouhaku Utagassen with only one single (excluding the indie single) under their discography! The sales of Boku no Kimochi continued well in 2006 and the single was ranked #90 in the single of the year chart again.

In 2006, WaT released their first album under the same name as the indie single called Sotsugyou TIME ~bokura no hajimari~ . The album includes tracks from the indies single + 2 A-sides from major single + extra songs. (I’ve grown to love the whole album the more I listen to it! XD). In addition, with the success of the released of their second single, 5 centi, they were again, invited to preform in 57th Kouhaku Utagassen.

At the beginning of 2007, WaT decided to temporary split to work on a solo project with Teppei’s first released, Kimi ni Okuru Uta, on Valentine’s Day. Wentz’s release followed on April 25th titled Awaking Emotion 8/5, which is the theme song of the movie Gegege no Kitarou, the movie he is starring as the main character. (By temporary really means temporary here LOL, they said they will be back!)

WaT’s music style is ballad-ish and poppy-ish. And I must admit, Wentz and Teppei singing is not the best. But their voices synchronize really well when they sing together. Don’t let this both you and you’ll surely enjoy their music alot more. To appreciate more of WaT’s music, be sure to look for translations of the lyrics because most of the songs have good meanings. Also pay close attention to the flow in their music. If this is your style, you would like them.

And please don’t mind me here, I just have the need to squeeze this in at the end, …..Teppei is the cutest guy ever!! ❤ ❤ ❤ XD;;;;

WaT – Boku no Kimochi

Wikipedia – Wentz and Teppei

Official Website:
Wentz FC
Teppei FC

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